Are You a Fan of Universal Theme Parks

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Are You a Fan of Universal Theme Parks?

When you think of going on vacation, does your mind drift to sunny Florida and a thrilling roller coaster ride? Do you love technology and movies? Then you must be a fan of the Universal Studios Parks and Resorts. Any visit to one of the parks or resorts is well worth remembering. It is a wonderful combination of remarkable visual sights, thrilling rides, and comfort and relaxation at the end of a day. Imagine getting a payback after having such a wonderful time. You can, when you use your Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard.

When you use your Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard at a Universal Park or Resort, you will be getting rewards points for everything you purchase. This includes admission to the park, the nights you spend at the resort, and any souvenirs or food you purchase at the park. Your Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard will give you 2 reward points for every $1 that you spend at the Park. There is no limit on points, so you can continue accumulating reward points and redeem them any time you wish. Like any credit card, this card is also useful for your regular life, such as buying groceries and filling up on gas. For each of these purchases you will receive 1 reward point for every $1 that you spend.

The Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard is a very unusual credit card in several ways. First, once you make your first purchase using your Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard, you will get a free movie ticket. No other credit card offers that. There are contests for card holders, in which you can win free tickets to award shows, and backstage passes to meet some of the attendees. Imagine getting free tickets to a show like the Golden Globes, or the Country Music Association Awards. You will also get notification and VIP invites for sneak movie previews, so that you will know have seen new movies before your friends do. All these are benefits of you applying for and using your Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard.

Another benefit not offered by most other credit cards is that the Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard offers free emusic. More details on how to obtain this are available on the website. There is also 0% interest for purchases during the first six months that you use your card. This means that you can buy those new DVDs that you have had your eye on, and not pay any additional charges for six months, as long as you use your Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard. So apply today!